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Interview with Fantasy author Paul Cude

Paul Cudey is a Young Adult fantasy author. Books R&B had the joy of interviewing his after the release of his new fantasy novel which is part 4 of the series. Before we head to the interview, here's what he has to say about his series-

As with all things, the dragons’ peaceful and predictable world is turned upside down by a shadowy character, the likes of which they have not seen before, setting a chain of events in motion that challenge not only the three companions’ friendship, but the entire dragon domain itself. A Threat From The Past begins the journey taken by three young dragons, disguised as humans, living in their world for the good of both races. Watch as they become fascinated with different human team sports, to the point of obsession. Be amazed at the myriad of magical mantras used by the dragons, limited only by their imagination. Marvel at the underground world’s most popular sport…….LAMINIUM BALL! Be enthralled as their favourite team competes in the Global Cup, and see just how far they progress. Opening with the true story of George and the Dragon (you won’t believe the irony) the tale chronicles not only the chain of events that lead up to a blistering, spine tingling finale, but also how the friends interact and react to the ever changing situation. From a master mantra maker to telepathic newspapers, the dragon king himself, a worldwide monorail and dragon holiday hotspots….all of this and more is in just the first book alone.

Take a chance, live dangerously and join in the fun. Download your copy now in kindle format, read FREE on Amazon KindleUnlimited or order the paperback edition from Amazon today.

The Interview

What are you currently working on?

The fifth book in my Young Adult fantasy series. It will be called ‘A Fiery Farewell’. I can’t tell you why.

Tell us about the book you currently published.

‘Earth’s Custodians’ is the fourth book in my series, and continues on from the third book. Here’s a little taster:

The world is teetering on the brink of destruction as dark, malevolent forces threaten to engulf it. Peter and the white dragon have been captured, and the king and his meagre militia are trapped behind enemy lines with no way out. Everything hinges on a chilling rescue attempt, deep in Antarctica.

Magical mischief making terrorises the planet’s surface as some of the friends are reunited for the very last time. With deaths on both sides, just who will be saved, and will the fate of the planet finally return to its righteous prehistoric protectors?

Is surrendering to Manson’s deadly army really the way to go? And is it possible to travel half way around the world in the blink of an eye?

Will a surprising decision by the dragon resistance’s leader help or hinder their assault on the capital?

Astounding allies and rampaging magical creatures are only surpassed by the family reunion from hell.

In a magical battle that will have global repercussions, everyone must give their all. But will it be enough?

Is it a part of a series?’s book 4 in the series.

How do you come up with these characters and concepts?

One evening about fifteen years ago, I was sitting watching television with my wife. Out of nowhere, the most amazing dream that I’d had the night before flashed before my eyes, almost in movie-like form. I suppose it must have taken a number of minutes. How many? I couldn’t tell you. I was lost in a fantasy world, somewhere else. Once it had finished, I told my wife about what had just happened, and about the dream that had just replayed itself in my head.

“You must write it,” was all that she could say.

“You’re joking aren’t you?” I replied. “I can only type with two fingers. How’s that going to work?”

Anyhow, she continued insisting that I write it. I vowed to think about it. But it didn’t stop there. The dreams kept coming and often still do. Not every night, but often enough. In the end, it seemed inevitable. So I spent three months teaching myself to type properly. After that, it started. And my love of writing developed from there. What can I tell you after that? I absolutely love sitting at my computer and writing. It’s a wondrous and magical thing. Not only that, but very, very rarely, it takes on a whole new form. Occasionally, and it is that, I can get totally lost in it. When it happens, and as I’ve previously stated, it is a rare occurrence, it’s absolute bliss. Minutes turn into hours, and what should have been a thousand words often turn into three, four, five thousand words. I think my subconscious mind must be aware of what’s going on, because I only get lost in this state when I have nothing else going picking up the kids, no other appointments, nothing! If that’s not magical, I don’t know what is.

Writers who were your biggest influences?

I’ve been inspired by lots of the authors whose work I’ve read. I love the Harry Potter books. It’s a great world to get lost in. I can remember reading the last five all the way through on the day that they came out. If you haven’t stayed up to the early hours of the morning reading a book right to the end on a work day, then you just haven’t lived. I also love the Star Wars expanded universe. I have nearly all those books, and they are some of my favourites. Authors such as Terry Goodkind and Christopher Paolini are absolutely brilliant and inspiring. Tom Clancy is also another of my favourites. I have nearly all of his books. As well, he does a little something I absolutely love, and that shows itself in a couple of my books. I didn’t do it on purpose, of that much I’m sure, but on reading back ‘A Threat from the Past’, it became obvious to me that I’d taken a leaf out of his book. Out of everyone though, my favourite author (if I had to pick one, which is unbelievably hard) is Terry Pratchett. In my humble opinion, his work is second to none. His vivid descriptions, astounding plot weaving and wicked humour is perfectly wrapped up in delicious adventures. Without doubt, he has probably been the biggest influence on my writing. If you haven’t tried any of his books yet, you really should. My favourite is ‘The Fifth Elephant’, but I would advise you to start at the beginning.

Who do you read when you’re in need of creative inspiration/motivation?

Terry Pratchett would be my favourite, although I might be inclined to lose myself in the Star Wars expanded universe.

What is one of your favorite quote from your books and why?

“Would you like me to put you out of your misery, before I put you out of your misery?” That appears towards the end of book one, and I’m afraid I can’t tell you in what context. NO SPOILERS!

Have you considered writing different genres?

I have an idea for a standalone series. That sounds totally odd and incompatible, I know. But that’s exactly what it is and I’ve never heard of, or read anything like it. Also, it’s much more grown up than what I’m used to writing, and my worry is that as a writer I’m not equipped to do it justice. We’ll see. I have to get books five and six of my current work written before I can even think about starting on that.

What made you incline towards fantasy?

Fantasy is almost certainly my favourite genre, followed closely by sci-fi so I assume it’s all tied in with that and all the crazy things that flit in and out of my tiny brain.

How did you feel when you began to receive responses and feedback about your book from friends and fans?

There’s nothing like it! A euphoric sense of ecstasy is the only way to describe it. Less than a month ago I was at a huge Steam Fair over the course of five days that I’d attended last year for the first time. It has tens of thousands of visitors. On the very first day, numerous people who’d bought signed copies of my books last year, returned to buy book 4. Their comments were absolutely astounding and amazing, totally blowing me away. One of them said that “the series was better than Eragon!” Can you imagine that? I certainly couldn’t. To be compared with those books in particular (some of my favourites) just took my breath away. She then went on to tell other people over the course of the rest of the event. Totally mind-blowing!

Is there anything you would have done differently in your book?

When it comes to the plot, occasionally my dreams take different twists and turns. There’s something right at the end of the series that I’m a little conflicted about, with about 95% of me having decided on a course of action, with the other 5% mulling over something different. But given that my dreams have only once or twice gone the way of the 5%, and haven’t done so for a very long time, I think I’ll stick to how it has already been planned out. Most of the time I find things very clear. Occasionally, as I go along, a tiny detail or two changes as the words come out of me.

How has the family reacted to you wanting to publish the book?

My family are incredibly supportive. My wife comes along to just about all of the events that I do, and is unbelievably helpful. Without her, none of this would be possible. My children, now teenagers, just take it in their stride. Daddy’s writing, or off selling his books. It’s just become what they are used to.

What advice would you give writers who are holding back from publishing their book?

Phew....that’s a difficult one. There’s so much. Firstly, get on social media and make friends with other authors, right from day one. It will build up a presence for you over time, you can ask people questions when you get stuck (and you will) and in my experience, everyone is very, very friendly and helpful. It will save you lagging behind once your book is written and inspire you to get on and take the plunge. Once you have that book in your hand, you’ll know you’ve taken the right decision.

Also, don’t try and assume you know what the next big thing will be. I hear a lot of people trying to guess what the next big trend will be. Sparkly, bionic unicorns? Vampiric police officers? Robotic, time travelling dragons? Write what’s inside you. That way you’ll absolutely love it, and it will just flow straight out of you. Everything I’ve written is exactly what goes in inside my head. If you want to know about me, read my books. Lastly, and this might seem a bit strange, and it kind of isn’t my advice, but something I read just as I was starting out, in a writing magazine of all of the things the article suggested, was to swap around the first and the second chapters in your book. I’d already got past the first and second chapters in book one, and couldn’t stop thinking about this. In the end, as you’ve probably gathered, I did exactly that.

How did you manage your finances when it came to publishing?

One of the hardest things of all. We don’t have a great deal of money, and I have to use the small pool of cash allocated to me the most effectively that I can. I have to sell the books I have before I can buy some more, and can’t really afford to advertise online which I think is becoming more and more necessary. Everything that you need, from book covers to images for advertising seems to cost more and more money. I do get by though.

Do you think self published authors receive the same response as authors from big publications?

No not at all. If you buy a book from a big publishing house, you instantly assume that it’s all correctly edited and spot on inside. But that isn’t necessarily the case. I can’t tell you how many books I’ve found over the years, by big name authors (some of my favourite) from big name publishers that still have spelling mistakes and poor grammar inside them. My books are edited to within an inch of their life. I know some indie authors aren’t, but mine are, but to think these publications from the big houses still contain mistakes makes my blood boil. With the resources that they have, it really shouldn’t happen in this day and age. That said however, if I get in front of a lot of people, I will sell books. The public like the idea behind my writing and I get lots of positive feedback.

Interviewing the Fantasy author was absolutely a wonderful experience and Books R&B wishes all the best to Paul Cude in all his endeavors !

To know more checkout his website!


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