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Review Policy:

Thank you for choosing Books R&B!


Books R&B offers a variety of options to promote your books and I would like you to explore them and choose the one that suits you best.


There are 3 main options : Book Review | Author Interview | Guest Post.

After choosing the option you wish to pursue, please attach the necessary documents/ images and share the same by clicking the link below. This will be published on the website, Instagram and other platforms.

If I could, I would love to read all the books that are submitted for review. Unfortunately, I review the books only in my spare time as I have a full-time job. Due to this, the amount of time I take to review the books might be really long so I request you to be patient with me. However, if I believe that I have a lot on my plate and am unable to review your book, I hope you understand why and not be disheartened


If you want your book to be reviewed sooner, you can opt for premium reviews. Please know that the reviews published on Books R&B are 100% honest and the premium fee helps prioritize your book over non-paying reviews. The fee will be discussed at the time of you asking for a premium review and will be determined based on the number of pages of the book.

Another feature that can be used to attract readers ( by both premium and free reviews) are giveaways. Reader's love giveaways and we can combine this with any of the options or individually to promote your book/product. 

Submit your book now !

**Please note that Books R&B reviews every type of book.  All genres are welcome! 

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