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Interview with Nick Blue

Author- Nick Blue

Nick Blue released his book hot love inferno in 2018 and Books R&B was thrilled when he agreed to do an interview! Before getting to the interview check out what Nick's summary of the novel to understand just how unique his work is and not to mention how awesome!

Synopsis of the Novel by Nick Blue:

How twisted do you like your fairy tales?

A half-woman, half-cockroach fused in a bizarre gardening accident? That would be Mrs Jittery Twitch, dwelling in the shadows of our misdeeds. If in danger, you can call upon her help… all she asks is your soul as payment. But she’s just a legend, so no need to worry.

Barry Harris is a 28-year-old man, still living with his dear old mum in a little flat above a hairdresser. His obsession with Star Trek and the martial arts won’t help him when he’s forced out on a date. And nobody knows about the weird string of events that’s about to put everyone’s lives in danger. A trio of samurai warriors and the strangest offer of help lead Barry on a perilous mission to save the day.

The Interview:

How do you feel about success?

Success for me is being able to make a living from creativity. That's all I've wanted from a young age.

Tell us a little bit about your novel. 

Hot Love Inferno is part two in a series that sees the hapless Barry Harris go out on a surreal adventure to rescue the woman he loves. Things have a tendency of going wrong for him!

You have a really unique style of writing. Your genre doesn't quiet fit in the usual classification. What do you have to say about that ?

Sticking within the confines of a particular genre makes financial sense but not creative sense. That's my feeling anyway. I want to go where my writing takes me and not be confined by set formulas. 

What got you into writing?

I have written songs and poems since I was 13 and it just progressed from there. 

Landing a deal is no easy task. How stressful was it to find the publishers and editors ? 

I love the world of self publishing and the fact no one is gate keeping anyone else's work. I think traditional publishing has a place but I like to be in control of what I do!

Do you have any plans to write a screenplay based off your work ?

Yes I'm doing a course in screen writing at the moment.

In closing, what advise would you love to give aspiring authors ?

Never give up, ever. Especially when you get bad reviews. Use that as a reason to improve and learn. Study the craft, read and write every day.

Hot Love Inferno is the second in the Prophecy Allocation series but works fine as a standalone read. To know more, check out Nick's website !

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