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Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Genre: Historical/Pictorial book | Pages: 81

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Intro of the book by Sasha Vosk:

Get to Know the Historical New York that You’ve Never Seen Before A Time Traveler’s Journey through the Streets of 17th Century Manhattan. Sasha Vosk is an expert in photo-realistic imagery with over 30 years of experience. He created this book for everyone who wants to know much more about New York’s history than meets the eye on the streets of Manhattan.

The first book in the VOSK TIME TRAVEL GUIDE series, this one-of-a-kind illustrated guide offers readers an opportunity to view the city’s history in a manner that has not been possible until now with the benefit of 21st century art technology.

Book Cover!

Cover Review: Just look at this beauty! The picturesque beauty this cover holds. The transition everything in this is alluring. Perfection through and through.

Book Review:

Sasha's is a captivating architect and an artist who takes his readers on a journey that is so fascinating and exquisite that words seem to fail. This short pictorial book is filled with so much effulgence that even my vocabulary took it up a notch! This is a masterpiece that I think many people should refer to through the times to understand the landscapes of NY overtime better.

If you are keen to study or just understand the evolutionary changes of New York, this will make an excellent reference guide. The images and font size of the content is perfect and the layout is fantastic. Without using technical and relatively high use of scientific terms the author managed to not make the reading seem like a chore but creates intrigue even if you are reading merely for interest.

This is one of the most complete book of its kind that I've been able to dig up. The author has gone out of his way to illustrate and create these environments which I'm sure took extremely dedicated researching, relying on creating such captivating images with absolute precision. I find myself revisiting this book over and over, both out of curiosity as someone who's never visited New York and as a Travel enthusiast who is now equip with more insight if I ever get to go to New York. The photos are beautiful and the write ups are concise and well written. I love the page on Homo sapiens, which has a mirror instead of a photo. The write up on the humans is amusing as well. All in all the best of its kind. I really need to purchase another, mine is falling apart simply from use. A must for any physical anthropology student, environmentalist or nature lover.

I found the book to be a learning experience and enjoyed myself perusing it more than I expected to. This is slightly off genre for me , but definitely not one that I regret. I'm glad that I am stepping into the new year by doing something different.

The book is available on Amazon.

About the author:

Sasha Vosk is a Brooklyn-based writer, director, muralist who immigrated from Russia, where he was educated as an architect. He is an accomplished illustrator, Emmy-award winning film producer (“Billy Crystal: A Midnight Train to Moscow,”) and a director/producer of the Moscow Circus’ worldwide tours. He is a NY history buff and has more than thirty years’ experience using the technique of photorealism in illustration and mural work. Currently, he is a full-time author/illustrator.

To contact Sasha please write to:

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