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Danny Mann Super Fan: A laugh-out-loud football story for 9-13 yr olds by Ian Slatter

Genre: Children's Book | Pages: 137

Star rating:

Synopsis by Ian Slatter:

Danny loves Chadmouth Town Football Club more than anything, but a run of defeats and terrible luck has left them bottom of the table and looking certain to be relegated with time running out.

But then, Danny and his best friend Nelson stumble across a bizarre pre-match ritual that seems to turn their luck around, and his beloved team starts winning again. Is it too little too late though, and can he keep doing everything right before each match, even when he starts finding more and more obstacles in his way and despite the relentless teasing from his classmates? It’s going to come down to the wire.

Does Danny have what it takes to save Chadmouth’s season?

Danny Mann Super Fan is the perfect book for young football / soccer fans (including reluctant readers), and for anyone who’s enjoyed the Charlie Fry or Jamie Johnson series and Tom Palmer’s football books.

My Review:

This book is about a kid named Danny and he loves football. So much so that he is part of a football club and would do anything to make the team win, even if it is to follow superstitious rituals to get them a win which is now having a huge losing streak. Now, he needs something to bring some luck to his team because it's is losing power. What will happen with his life? Will his team make it? get answers to these questions and so much more by reading Ian Slatters' gripping book about children's football.

Yes, I know that I m a fully grown adult and yes, I know that this book is for children between 9-13 yr or parents with children between that age group. But, hey! Everyone can enjoy a good book and I truly had fun reading this to my nieces and I am sure they took something from it too!

This book has been a really enjoyable read for sports by Ian Slatter. The first in the Chadmouth Town FC book series.

Danny and his best friend Nelson play at the same club together. Danny finds himself overcome with obstacles to turn its dying football club around. In an attempt to save their beloved team from repeated failure, Ian's addition of characters and anecdotes adds a particularly colorful young wide receiver to the cast. While some will cheer, some will relish the drama and excitement that is brought forth in this adorable storyline. Danny and his best friend comes up with a superstition which requires them to replicate everything about themselves(including a ritualistic dance with steps. I mean obs!) in order to make the team with the match every time. But his dream of the big time have backfired when Nelson misses the mark once in the most hilarious way and all hell breaks loose. It will take all of Danny's ritual to turn this team's season around.

The book can connect with a lot of the things that happen in the real world because everyone goes through the struggles with self doubt and possibly loses. Everyone can relate to it whether they're an athlete or not with life struggles and haters. There is usually never a time when something is easy and you can go from little to big in your lifetime. You will always deal with doubters who will tell you that you won’t make it. There aren’t many specific books or other media that I can compare this book to, since I don’t read many sports books myself, but I know that it isn’t a very unique book, because of its pretty basic theme, and its basic ending. This book had a pretty basic concept, but it was still very enjoyable to read.

Fast action, fun dialogue and a good story makes this another great addition to the sports novel genre. Not to forget the hilarious positive mindset thing brings to the children's mind. The book is a great set up for a sequel, too.

Ian Slatter delivers a gripping new book in his Chadmouth Town FC book series, with the tense action on and off the field that have made him an incredible writer that keeps both parents and children's( anyone, really !) who reads this book light hearted and filled with positivity despite the let downs and obstacles in life.

If you've been following me on Instagram or have been browsing through my blogs lately, you'll notice that I've have a flair for children books and I enjoy them. So make sure to go check them out as well!

About the Author:

Ian published his debut novel, Eco Worrier, in 2020 - a middle grade adventure story with plenty of twists and turns and lots of laughs. He followed it up with Danny Mann Super Fan in 2021 - a fun tale that's perfect for young football/soccer fans. He has also written two non-fiction books for adults - Premier League Legends - the top 10 greatest Premier League players of all time and Incredible Moments in Sport. Ian wrote for satirical website for ten years, as well as writing for comedy sketch shows on ITV and BBC Radio.

Find out more and get a free ebook at, or follow Ian on Twitter - @slatter_ian.

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