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Review: Deadly Wealth: An Alexander Stern Thriller by Vincent J. Wallace

Genre: Thriller | Pes: 392

Star rating:

Intro to the book by Vincent J. Wallace:

Alexander Stern decided to move forward and leave his handsome paid job as Chief Risk Officer. He was tired enough of the bank he worked for and resigned, leaving in less than a month, and not caring about his debts and how to pay for his means, but mainly, forgetting momentarily his dreams. Surprisingly, his loyalty and some secrets he knew would reward him with a nice package that would help him to buyout, eighteen months later, the shareholders of the new company he had joined. A bold action supported by his previous boss and good friend William Braxon, and two investors from Nashville, United States Senator Brian Cox and Christopher Mattis, a wealthy businessman.

Since his last year at university, he managed to climb the corporate ladder of an international bank in Mexico City, ending as an expatriate in the Dominican Republic. Years later, he found himself in the right place and in the right moment to become the owner of the financial company he was leading and trying to maintain afloat. Unexpectedly, a complot planned by an unscrupulous competitor and a disloyal employee could put him out of business. His North American partners’ connections and wealth would help him to fight and win an unequal battle, but also putting him at great risk. The deadly outcome of this threat was something neither Alexander, nor his wife Gabrielle, were expecting. Neither the intentions of one of his partners.

My Review:

What a book this has been! Let me tell you this hit close to home not just because of it's relavance with COVID19, but personally for me because I work in the Risk sector full-time. As I sank into the pages of this brilliantly addictive thriller I actually forgot that I was reviewing and just read purely for pleasure.

Vincent J Wallece takes psychological thrillers to a whole new level. I adored this book from start to the beginning and from what I have experience, he has become a must-read independent author for me. Set in the current pandemic, Vincent dabbles with a range of emotions both with characters and his readers. Each change in scene and chapter setting felt like a hammer blow before I was immediately gathered up in the story again.

The most exquisite tension builds and thrums with increasing intensity. The release of information is so clever, almost teasing, and I balanced on a razor sharp wire of awareness. I felt a deep connection with the lead character Alaxandar, whose character development was wonderfully complex yet tangible. If you love intelligent, yet hugely entertaining psychological thrillers, then put this to the top of your list. The sections he has hit with finance sectors, human emotions and practical situations are spot on!

This book has been a pure indulgence for me. It's a rare piece of work that melts your heart and yet keeps you turning the pages. Vincent has done a wonderful job with this book and I hope to see more of his work over the coming years.

This beautifully written thriller is a must read in 2021.

About the Author:

Vincent J. Wallace has lived in Mexico, the United States and the Dominican Republic, and has been in many other cities around the world. All of them, along with his 27-year career in the financial sector had nurtured him with many experiences that would become financial crime thrillers ... because some stories, including some criminal, had to be told somehow!

Since many years back he started writing but was until 2020 that he decided to take his lifetime hobby to the next level. Now he alternates his active securities market executive role with his new career as novels author. He is an Associate Member of the International Thriller Writers organization.

Deadly Wealth is his first novel of the Alexander Stern series. Sequel is being written, Bloody Growth.

Follow him at and social media!

His book is currently available on Amazon. Go check it out!

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