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The Spy and the MadamBook by Jeff Webb

Genre: Crime Thriller | Pes: 78

Star rating:

Intro to the book by Jeff Webb:

Introducing MAJOR LAW, Major Grace Law.

This lady is amongst a select and secret few who are our last line of defense,recruited from the very best of the serving military in the UK and Commonwealth.

These few are authorized to carry out kill orders received from the mandarins at the top of the ruling governments of 54 countries around the world which count on the UK and Commonwealth for intelligence.

The SIS secretariat and GCHQ then have various assets and report to Queen, Country, Commonwealth, and World in that order, aiming to keep the democracies of 54 countries safe and peaceful. In effect, they are the ultimate in spy police, forever looking at world order.


What a wonderful d this has been! A story revolving around a female protagonist who is so brave and so determined to 'walk the talk.' The author did a great job weaving in complex emotions and sequence of fast paced instances that is truly admirable. For a small book that's a quick read, he's done an admirable job keeping the readers engaged thoroughout -although I would have enjoyed a little more back story. Given that this book is a beginning of a crime series, I look forward to more of the story unfolding.

An easy to read & enthralling story of a woman spy is not something you get to see frequently, unless it is famously writte by Sydney Sheldon.

I found this book to be completely immersive. It is a serious story but with moments of emotional twists. If you are a fan of spy fiction then this is the perfect book to get your hands on. To discover this book and fact checking a few concepts was truly fascinating. The danger and threat these people faced at all times must have been horrific and it is nothing short of brilliant.

The storyline was as endearing as it is adrenaline-pumping. The novel leaves no question about lead's freakishly-good talents, and Webb's ability to write an earnest narrative with enough complexity to merit at least a few re-reads and all-the-more curiosity to look forward to the next one!

WIshing Jeff all the best with his book and eagerly waiting for more!

About the Author:

Jeff has dedicated much of his life to looking after homeless people and the unemployable as well as offering time to help reform both criminals and drug addicts. After giving up work in London, Jeff looked after his Dad, Uncle and Great Aunt who, along with his wife, all sadly passed away. This experience inspired Jeff to write the Major Law series, which was also his late wife’s wish. She had told Jeff that they are best-selling material and made him promise that he would complete his Major Grace Law Books. There are 20 books in the collection with The Spy and the Madam, Silk and Lace and Save All Souls the first three of the series to be released. As Jeff says, ‘my wife was all about Girl Power and was grateful to all the under-cover and unseen ladies guarding over us’.

Book is available on Amazon for purchase. Go check it out!


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