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13 Worlds by J. J. Hair

Genre: Science Fiction | Pages: 104

Star rating:

Synopsis of the novel:

Directed by an omnipotent super-being known as the “Guide”, Commander Culben, Dr. Reeves, and the crew of starship Ranus have set out on a mission to destroy thirteen different planets: analogous but unique versions of 1st and 2nd Earth. The planets’ inhabiting civilizations are believed to be on the verge of developing advanced DNA-editing technology known as CRISPR, which would lead to the creation of Supremes: an advanced human species capable of wiping out all life in the galaxy.

…If history can be believed. What begins as a straightforward mission quickly becomes a series of moral quandaries. Is the crew doing what’s best for the galaxy? Can the Guide be trusted?

While the Ranus pursues its targets, each world begins to learn of its fate through the eyes of Lisa Fry, Clarke Gabriel, and other medical scientists. Can their discoveries change their fate?

My Review:

13 worlds written by JJ hair is set in space. This story is well written and makes the characters very believable with a slight sense of familiarity. The book is filled with mysterious space entity revelation and, the dynamics and inner conflicts of the crew. Additionally, the author has painted a wonderful picture of the storyline discussing the relationship of this spaceship with other planetary beings and the “Guide”, their main source of truth.

The book is coupled with sci-fi and emotions in order to tap into our creative imagination and see the possibilities of our universe. Providing a unique view of the story line by sharing perspectives of different characters instead of a single minded monologue.

The author had managed to grab my attention from the start of the book ( although, with certain levels of ambiguity) which keeps you guessing and waiting for the big revelation and the sense of satisfaction when each plot begins to make sense.

The characters conflicts with moral, truth and higher purpose of destruction is depicted beautifully. The character developments are brilliant with the leads in the story Lisa Fry, Clarke Gabriel and many more bringing in their own perspective truly adds value to the storyline. Not to forget the conflict to trust the single “god-like“ figure the Guide!

All in all, the ingredients of good character development, believable conflict, and hard science make this book the true persuasive reason to be pick up by Space Heads like myself.

I look forward to more such books in the series would love to observe how the story matures overtime

About the author:

J. J. Hair has always had a passion for writing. He wrote his first book when he was 18; it was too short to be a full novel, too long to be a novella. While the storytelling was technically strong, the characters of his first effort were fairly two dimensional. What was the secret ingredient to making good characters? J. J. Hair would argue it was just living out life.

J. J. Hair's first published science fiction novella is 13 Worlds. It is currently a stand-alone book, but there is potential for expansion. He has written two novellas in the fantasy genre prior to 13 Worlds and will likely consider polishing these stories up for publication assuming enough interest exists.

His writing takes inspiration from Robert Heinlein and Orson Card, but brings his own unique storytelling and characters to his novellas. His all-time favorite sci-fi novels are: Red Planet and Ender's Game. J. J. Hair also takes inspiration from some of his favorite video games: the Final Fantasy series (VII, X, and XII in particular), Persona 3 and 5, and most Bioware-developed RPGs (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, the Mass Effect trilogy, Jade Empire).

The book is available on all the online platforms.

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