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Artima's Travels (Part I) by E. A. Dustin

Genre: Science fiction| Pages: 368

Star rating:

Intro of the book by E. A. Dustin :

Set in the near future. The world has begun to recover from the pandemic when news of a missile misfiring in the Pacific rocks the nation once more. The Navy seeks out the leading software expertise of Artificial Intelligence Systems Enterprises (AISE). AISE's chief engineer Artima "Arty" Ressols is leading the charge to track down the culprit while at times running into unexpected obstacles: people closest to her.

My Review:

The storyline of the novel "Artima's Travels (Part I) " revolves around the protagonist Arty Ressols, the chief engineer of AISE(Artificial Intelligence Systems Enterprises) set in the pandemic stricken world which is so relatable at this moment and time. Not just in terms of pandemic, but also as a woman who is trying to make it in life and maybe even susceptible to having to constantly prove her worth. While the story flows effortlessly revolving around all these different segments of Arty's life, the blatant challenges at work which requires her to apply AI and her capacity to overcome these challenges through it is a happy fleet to a sour heart. The writing is very well-planned, with strong characters, lots of action and vivid descriptions which make me feel like I’m immersed in a movie. Having to view the protagonists struggle leading to some interesting tight situations from more than one scenario is truly the unique element that the author has added to the book. This story has non-stop action, with several twists that leave you wondering what is true and who you can trust.

This book is a start to an excellent series with very well developed characters and excellent interlace of personal story alongside sci-fi genre. The author nailed the whole story in just part one by having some solid interactions between her characters. I love the characters, the sass, their sceenplay because without it, life would suck and we would be stuck with this pandemic hangover for the rest of our lives.. The story and plot are solid and something that I quite enjoyed reading during this pandemic. It is truly one of a kind escapes from reality while you're weirdly still in touch with it.

This is a well written book with a plot that draws you in little by little to understand the leads' attempt to survive and more. E. A. Dustin has written a book that doubtless will lead to many enjoyable novels in the years ahead.

This is a great story that pulls you in and keeps you going, without resorting to unbelievable coincidences or silly technology. I'm looking forward to book 2 or more?

About the author:

E. A. Dustin is a computer scientist working in the greater Washington, DC area and the author and co-author of six technical books, which have been translated into numerous languages, in addition to many technical white papers. E. A. Dustin's novel "Save Me Twice" based on the true WWII events has also been translated into German as "Rette Mich ein Zweites Mal."

Her novel "Artima's Travels" about Arty and her incredible "nose" covers the struggles of a woman in tech who is leading the charge to track down the culprit of a Navy missile misfire while at times running into unexpected obstacles: people closest to her.

The book is available on Amazon.

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