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The Goodbye Family and the Great Mountain by Lorin Morgan-Richards

Genre: Weird West/Gothic Humor |

Pages: 260

Star rating:

Book Intro by Lorin Morgan-Richards:

The Goodbye Family and the Great Mountain follows the lives of undertakers Otis, Pyridine, and their daughter Orphie. Pyridine is a witch and matriarch mortician, Otis is a brainless but bold hearse driver, and Orphie is appointed grave digger for her strength of twenty men. Through bumbling, Otis discovers his neighbors are turning into zombies, a mystery that is directly affecting their burial business. In their backyard cemetery, they travel to the underworld for answers and uncover a plot to surface the evil entities that would otherwise burn in the Lake of Fire, have risen again through oil pumps that are bottled up as a tonic medicine for the ground above. The tonic goes fast, and the host takes over the body when the body perishes. Can the Goodbyes hilarious gaffes and revelations plug up the works? Find out in this fast-paced carriage ride through the underworld. The story includes an exclusive foreword by entertainer and medium Richard-Lael Lillard.


If you're an adult who grew up watching "The Adams Family" or a parent who wants to introduce your child to this world, this is the right book for you. This book is edgy, deep and filled with dark humor.

The story is set in a grave where a family lives together digging graves , transporting bodies and being an undertaker. The family is quirky and if you're old enough to get it, quite hilarious. The story line takes you through the life of this odd family and what they do in the events of a drug that revives the dead and turn them to zombies, hat directly effects their livelihood. It is an exciting idea that fleetingly brings this odd family’s relationship to the forefront in a way no one ever has. There is even some captivating unconventional undertone The Goodbye Family and the Great Mountain. But like most of the ideation in The Goodbye Family and the Great Mountain, the family’s story line unceremoniously moves forward.

The Goodbye Family and the Great Mountain is an amazing attempt to reach or introduce a generation raised by The Addams Family in the 90s, and now have kids of their own. It may seem to create an appeal for nostalgic audience and probably encourage their kids to check it out.

The work of art for the characters and the setup is entertaining. Even, the illustrator takes advantage of the amazing movements, representations, and expression. The phrases and dialogues are amusing and eccentric. Some of them which would even be understood by children and that would allow them to express individual melodies of imagination. But what I find most notable in the book is the comedy that reside in it. Like the many stories, this one teach you to embrace dark humor in a positive way.

This book proves to be a quality family concept with some visible flaws, which, nonetheless, will put everyone in the mood for the spookiest story of the year.

This book has overall been really fascinating without a dull moment.

I look forward to read more books written by LorinMorgan-Richards and introduce them to the younger generation and hope for them to enjoy it.

About the Author:

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