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Watercolor Inspiration by Virginia Kelley

Genre: Art, Education | Pages: 105

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Book Intro by Virginia Kelley:

Finding new challenges every day as you make your way in a world almost immobilized by the cruel, relentless Covid19? Need light reading that ensures you're not in this alone?

In Watercolor Inspirations, Virginia Kelley's latest book, each page features an airy, splashy, colorful watercolor painting sure to get your attention, but offering more, the deeper you look. So, enlarge and scrutinize each piece of art for a relaxing meander into an artistic and saner world. The accompanying light readings take but a minute or two and offer diversions, uncomplicated activities to explore and questions to ponder based on the theme of the page. This book might be one of the most upbeat and enjoyable things you look forward to each day.

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My Review:

During these difficult times, we are seeing a renewal of interest in art training.A wide range of genres starting with mastering drawing and painting from the life model, still life toother subjects. Once students (or perspective readers) gain mastery, they can apply the skills creatively to express their own personal vision.

An underlying theme through all the books we’re discussing is that art is a skill that can be taught and mastery achieved by cultivating your skills. Even if you are born a genius, your gifts must be developed through practice. Thankfully there are books like Watercolor Inspiration to point the way.

In her book Watercolor Inspiration, Virginia shows a subtle balance between pure examination and artistic design,which results in truly profound art that may be applied even by a lay man.. This book is much more engaging work than accurate representation of the art world that may not appeal to a day to day Joe. Virginia's book gets to the essence of drawing, dealing with the why as well as the how. This is not a step-by-step book, but the moment you are ready to dedicate yourself to art with intention, this book can become an important touchstone.

It rich with insights about painting as soul food for children (and adults) and valuable in its suggestions about approaching painting lessons. Grade by grade by virtue of experience yo will be able to understand what goals and techniques are useful and effective to be established which is relatable to all ages of students. This edition is filled with full-color examples of paintings which is truly vibrant and simply easy to apply. Overall, just the look and feel of the book is filled with a burst of colors with an amazing font. Several quotes in-between chapters that are so relevant and engaging. Concepts and styles ranging from abstract to tropical views, Virginia helps us glance into a wide range of the art world.

I would recommend this book to anyone who feels burnt out, wants to start a new hobby or just want to express them in this new art form.

About the author:

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