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3 super useful children books that every parent should check out!

As 2021 came to a new start, I wanted to look back at some of the most amazing books I came across over the last years that enlightened me and something that I wouldn't have laid hands on otherwise. I'm talking about the children's books. Each one more educative than the other. If you're a parent or an expecting parent, you need to check these out! Let me know if you’ve read any of these or want to know that I’ve mentioned them!

Watercolor Inspiration by Virginia Kelley

My Review:

During these difficult times, we are seeing a renewal of interest in art training.A wide range of genres starting with mastering drawing and painting from the life model, still life toother subjects. Once students (or perspective readers) gain mastery, they can apply the skills creatively to express their own personal vision.

An underlying theme through all the books we’re discussing is that art is a skill that can be taught and mastery achieved by cultivating your skills. Even if you are born a genius, your gifts must be developed through practice. Thankfully there are books like Watercolor Inspiration to point the way.Read more here.

EmpowerEd by Jennifer Price

My Review:

This book has been refreshingly new and opened me up to a whole new world of education that i was totally ignorant and oblivious about. Let us not completely ignore the fact that this book aids parents or guardians with children who require special education or even understand if they need it.

The author who is also an attorney states that -" The ultimate purpose of this book is to empower parents (and anyone else working as an educational advocate) about how courts rule on education cases concerning children who have disabilities - intellectual, behavioral, or physical " and I largely agree with this after reading the book. If the book could help ideate these concepts to someone who has no exposure or understanding of any of this, I can't imagine how helpful it would be to someone who could actually relate to it. If you're a frustrated parent looking to understand what the next step actions must be when the school or the surrounding is not helping you help your child, you should really consider picking this book up. Read more here.

Timothy Mean and the Time Machine by William AE Ford

My Review:

This children book truly has a very catchy story telling approach that will keep kids jonesing on. This is a perfect bedtime book to any kid below the age of 8 which is not only entertaining but also boosts the kids imaginations. The whole writing is so cute that I read it a couple more times just for the fun of it and I'm 24! The pictures are visually appealing and but I felt that it was slightly advanced for a children's book. However, it is very relevant and to the point.

Timothy Mean is not at all mean but a naughty little boy with an amazing imaginative power. Each day of the week, he travels back in time using the time machine he built with a cardboard. With the press of a red button he visits various past set ups only to end up doing notorious things and returning home quickly.He goes to the moon, to the dinosaur era and so many more and does a little mischief just before heading back home each day and tells his parents about his little adventure and get praised for the same. Read more here.

Whether you have a child or not, if you're someone who's ready to take on new books and different genre. These are for you.

If you're on the path of getting inspired and wish to take a journey with your kids( or alone), you should check out The Atomic Habits by James Clear which is definitely a life changer. Another book I appriciated is "The Diary of a Young Girl". I'm trying to expand my range on the TBR and have added books written by women of colour, books on gender equality, quirky books and plenty more as a new year resolution.

You can check them all out here.

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